Celiac Disease and Weight Gain

Over a year ago when I found out I had CD I was a slim 130ish, and how in the past year I have put on 15 pounds. I know that I was so slim due to the lack of nutrition being absorbed into my body. But I do miss the slimmer days. Now that I am absorbing more than I should, hehehe, I am feeling the weight creep and creep and creep. I have searched the internet for reason and ways to loose the weight. I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t be gaining, I workout several times per week and don’t eat too bad. Well maybe sometimes but it isn’t like I’m eating McDonald’s every day either.

Then I picked up my Dec/Jan 2010 issue of Living Without, and right on the front page was my answer. It was like it was screaming at me, HERE IS YOUR ANSWER! 6 SECRETS to Special-Diet Weight Loss. It says that people dx with CD tend to gain weight. I have wondered why for the past year had I been gaining weight and now I know. Its because when you don’t eat a GF diet your body can’t absorb the proper nutrition, and when you eat GF your body can easily absorb more calories and nutrition. So the article went on to say that those with CD that want to loose weight should increase physical activity (like walk 30 mins per day) and cut back on food consumption. It goes on to give 6 tips to help. If you don’t have the magazine you should subscribe or you can check it out on the website,.


I am going to make it a goal to increase my physical activity and watch my portion sizes. I have a habit of eating till I have the feeling of being full. The article states that it takes the the stomach about 20 mins to tell the brain that its full.  So I’m gonna stop eating when I no longer feel hungry, that way my brain has time to register that I am satisfied.

My goal is to be able to fit back into my size 4 before summer. I don’t want all my cute summer clothes to go to the thrift store, I have only worn them once or twice. And to not be able to wear them this summer was somewhat saddening. But I will think positive and I shall have a positive outcome. Ask, believe and you shall receive!

Nighty night!

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